Moving On…

As I teased in a prior post(s), we have received the word that we are getting new jobs and moving. Yippee! There are many parts of this change that are very good for us, our careers, our family, and in general our well being and peace of mind. So very happy. Of course also very sad at saying goodbye to many people we’ve come to know and care about. In truth the outpouring of gratitude for our work and commitment has been touching, to say the least. There has also been a bizarre validation that has come through this process of ending this part of our lives; validation in that many are showing us the effects of our efforts, and also validation in that now that politics is no longer a barrier, we see that we really weren’t crazy after all. So onwards – which translates into getting one house on the market, packing, locating a new house, hiring a moving company, packing, getting rid of stuff, figuring out where to unpack, planning a trip, getting paperwork together to end a job, packing, getting paperwork together to get a job, packing, chasing down all the loose ends that have piled up over the last 10 years, packing, still continuing to take care of the family on a daily basis, decluttering, packing, occasionally managing to remember what lecture I’m supposed to give this semester, packing, taking care of the other parts of my work that are quickly getting neglected because I am PACKING… I am, in a nutshell, overwhelmed. It is all for good reasons though. Some problems are worth having. Of course it does mean that I’m slowly turning into this:

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