About The Prof

A few years ago I started keeping a diary of my experiences as I made my first ever documentary, Parrhesia (2014).  [Wanna see more about the film itself? Check out the website.] Still blogging after the film finished, surprise surprise, things like oppression don’t really go away. Now I write about anything that happens to flit aimlessly in my brain, typically landing on teaching, mental health, and social justice. Peruse if you are desperate for entertainment; insights and wisdoms not guaranteed. When I’m not messing about on a computer, I’m a professor, counselor, researcher, public speaker, writer, photographer, mother, wife, accidental comedian and expert bumbler. Owned by 2 cats and a dog; dominated by the hamster. If you want to read something more official about me, you can check out my director’s statement. Somewhere out there exists some professional professor info about me as well; read if you’re having trouble sleeping. I tweet badly but if you are lost and want to follow: https://twitter.com/shojoh1. Want to send me a note? Try parrhesiafilm@gmail.com, but keep your spam to yourself.

Oh yeah, all the opinions on this website are just that, my opinions. It’s my blog after all. While I might work for some specific places, these opinions represent me, not them. Also please don’t take (steal) anything, including my photos, without my permission, but please do share anything that might happen to amuse, tickle, or otherwise catch your fancy. Just include the proper credit, e.g., “this load of crap was written by Shawn Patrick.”

– and yes, that’s my real name, the real spelling, and I’m not an Irish pub.


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