Shawn Patrick

As an introvert, I never expected talking in front of people to be the center of my life. I am a professor of counseling, which means I yammer on a lot…thus, I write or else my brain will explode. A few years ago I started a behind-the-scenes diary while making my first documentary, Parrhesia (2014). The blog took on a life of its own after the film wrapped; now I write about anything that flutters into my life. Peruse if you are desperate for entertainment or need help falling asleep; insights and wisdom taken at your own risk.

I never had a plan for my life; I’m just an ox who wanders along, bumbling into things. Life is my hobby because I don’t know how to settle down. These days I dabble in music, photography, drawing, filmmaking, and creative writing. My other full-time job includes being a partner for two decades, a mother of two kids who are more adjusted than I ever could be, and a servant of 2 cats, a dog, and one noisy hamster. Check out my director’s statement if you want to read something more official and boring about me.

Official stuff: All opinions on this website are just that, my opinions. While I might work for some specific places, these opinions represent me, not them. The writings on this site are my original content. If you want to use something I’ve written, drawn, or photographed, please ask me for permission first. If you want me to come talk about stuff in person, or you just want to talk, send an email to I have some unsocial media you can check out if you’d like.

Shawn Patrick

Ox Extraordinaire

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