The Team

As of 2015, ALL the student-types on this page have graduated and moved on to extraordinary things. Congratulations! John and I graduated a long time ago, but remain captives in higher education. I had to keep the original team descriptions though, because some day we can all look back on this snapshot in time and laugh (or weep, or hide, or whatever).

  John, Co-Director, Baker, all-around good guy and overly caffeinated

 Just Emily, instructional assistant, documentarian, graduate student, all-around movie maker.  As we say back home, “She got skills.”

Shannon, instructional assistant, actress, graduate student, very smiley person.  “Just do it” Shannon.  Enough enthusiasm for the entire group.

Salwa, the tech guru, the person who actually knows how to work a camera, editor, producer.  Essentially without her, our film would just be some drawings we made with crayons on a paper napkin.

As of May 10, we now have a new addition to the team since our Shannon has graduated.  Boo!  I mean congratulations to her.  So here’s a familiar face, now moving from the front of the camera to the back:

BryanBryan, interviewee, graduate student, now instructional assistant, further roles to be seen.  He’s ready for his close-up.









^– Musician: Chris, graduate student, philosopher, self-taught musician and master of in-the-moment.

<– Graphics:  Michael, photography student, fashionista, and design genius.

Music Engineer: –> Adrien, music/sound engineer major, senior, extremely cool guy who makes us sound like professionals




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