Film Titles

I hate coming up with titles. Because I have some weird need to keep everything involved in a creative process, I’m listing notes associated with title development for our film.


25 Sep 2012:


Voices Against Oppression

Listen Carefully

Careful Listening        (ok I like this one)

Stories of Counter Oppression

Taking a Stand

Standing Up


25 Jan 13: here’s a new one:

Fearless Speech:

“It is to speak in a situation in which one’s speech carries a certain risk to one’s reputation or even to one’s life” (Papadimos & Murray, 2008)

“Parrhesia… is linked to courage in the face of danger: it demands the courage to speak the truth in spite of some danger…. When you accept the parrhesiastic game in which your own life is exposed, you are taking up a specific relationship to yourself: you risk death to tell the truth instead of reposing in the security of a life where the truth goes unspoken….” (Foucault, 2001)


25 March 14:

The feature is called: Parrhesia

The pilot film is called “Standing Against Oppression

Not as glamorous as the feature title, but it worked. Hey, we were going to call the feature, “Countering Oppression in Everyday Life.” Parrhesia sounds cooler, even if no one knows how to pronounce it.

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